A guide to dealing with constant change due to COVID-19

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From the moment when COVID-19 first steamrolled into our lives, we've had to learn to deal with change, as each stage of the pandemic has changed the way we live, work and socialise.

While it's normal to feel frustrated and unsettled by all this uncertainty, there are ways you can equip yourself while dealing with life changes.

Much of the anxiety during COVID-19 comes from the reality that many decisions are out of our hands. Feeling like we're not in control of our own path is pretty unsettling, but figuring out precisely what you can and can't do will help you to maintain a sense of stability and reduce any fear or anxiety.

But how?

You can’t prevent a storm from happening, but you can pack an umbrella. Preparation is the key to figuring out what you can and can’t control. Try making a list of what’s worrying you (i.e. fears). You can then start to figure out ways to address these problems (i.e. fixes).

For example:

Fear: Returning to team sport will be tough, and I won’t be any good after all this time off.

Fix: Remind yourself that everyone is in the same boat. You can also start working on your skills at home, so that when training resumes you’re not coming in cold.

Fear: There might be a second wave of COVID-19 cases.

Fix: Maintain your personal hygiene, continue to practise social distancing and encourage others to do the same.

By coming up with fixes for any fears you have, you’ll take back your decision-making power.

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